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Kevin Bees interviews success experts in the area of life and business to discover the 'life changing' questions that empower them and their clients to create success and life changing results.
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May 16, 2019

You can use this format anytime you need to speak - and it’s especially great for #FacebookLive

What are the four steps?
- what
- why
- story
- apply
Also, listen out for the awesome example of how to stand out using DIRECT MAIL / LUMPY MAIL.

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May 15, 2019

What is ‘Facebook Live?’ - THIS is FB live.

As a business, this is a powerful and FREE tool to engage with your customers, prospects and wider network.

- FB reports 10x more engagement in live videos versus pre-recorded
- you can provide instant VALUE to your community 
- your community will grow 
- It is inexpensive (ie there is no cost to edit)
-can be done anywhere with an internet connection (assuming your country allows)
- yours are authentic, real, raw, and that vulnerability makes it easier for people to connect with you
- you can interact in real time 

It continually challenges you to be fresh and providing new insights to your community.

Create your FB Live this week, and tag me in it! I’d love to watch and share.


The coming days...
- a 4 step format to easily do FB live
- how to leverage your FB live content across more media platforms


May 14, 2019

You have a dream or a vision for your business, for your clients, for a better life?

You will get there - if only you don’t quit 

Your marketing doesn’t generate the leads you want. Don’t quit.

The big deal you were working on doesn’t convert. Don’t quit.

Your main client cuts spend with you by half. Don’t quit.

Your dream life or dream vision is one conversation away. That conversation is with yourself.

When that doubt shows up in your mind.
Let that be the alarm bell.

The alarm bell that tells you, you are on track.
The alarm bell that tells you, you will make it, if you do not quit.

Persist. Believe. Do not quit.

May 13, 2019

How to use your price comparison to help you close more deals with prospects

Learn how the ‘framing’ of you proposal against an alternative will help generate more sales 

- compare to your other services 
- compare to the benefit received
- compare with competitors offerings



May 12, 2019

Do you have a price anchor? If not, will definitely want to listen to today’s episode!

Learn how having a price anchor:
- will help you sell more products 
- help you achieve a higher ave selling price
- attract attention to your business 

Hear countless examples of how this has worked in many industries including
- coaching / consulting ($1m per year)
- PTs (Overseas retreats) 
- Cat hotel ($1k+ per night)
- Food and Beveridge ($5,000 burger)
- Fashion ($256,000 belt)

People want the best for themselves. 
What else can you package together and offer to your clients as a price anchor?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode on price contrast!

May 9, 2019

When was the last time you increased your prices?

Increasing your prices is the fastest way to make more income and do less work. Yet, many entrepreneurs I meet are afraid to increase their prices in fear of losing clients.

Today’s tip covers:
- how you can work with fewer clients and make more profit.
- Examples of clients who have successfully increased prices 
- how you can use the scarcity of price increases to drive more sales 

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s tips where I’ll be sharing about:
- price anchor
- contrast pricing 


May 8, 2019

Many business owners destroy their profit margins by giving discounts when they don’t need to.

In this episode, learn:
- what is the real cost of discounting to your profitability
- why discounting threatens your survival as a business
- what are the alternatives to discounting

Be sure to tune in for episode 35 tomorrow when we discuss the fastest way to increase your profits without any extra work (or even with less work)


May 7, 2019

For social proof, its great to get a testimonial from your clients about your great work. If you can get it on video, even better. To make sure you get an impactful testimonial to be sure to get your client to comment on:

Today I am joined by my wife Jodie Bees to demonstrate how to create a great testimonial.

Where you are from
What you do 
The problem you came to solve
What you learned that solved this problem
The result (Physically, and emotionally, with time frame)
Give a character reference

In this video, we make up an example on the spot about an awesome experience with had Maartje, who is a #Doula from MotherMe in #Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Ideally, your client WON'T have a baby in their video making noise (unless the baby is relevant to the testimonial, like in this one); and they'll record it with a stable camera (unlike in this video).

Be sure to edit the testimonial to make it succinct and powerful (without losing the intended meaning given by your customer).

Enjoy, and go get those testimonials created for yourself.

May 6, 2019

When you do a great job with your clients, they’ll want to share with you and when they do... keep a record of it!

Keep a record (electronic or physical) of the great things customers say about you!

This is important for many reasons including

1. It can be a positive reminder to you of the great work you are doing and create on going motivation, especially if you’re going through a harder time in your business.

2. It’s awesome to share with any team members you have so they can feel recognised for their contribution.

3. If it’s a physical display (eg my chiropractor) it’s a great influence (social proof) and reminder to other customers of your ability and skill!

If they only tell you verbally, ask them to put it in writing - into your fb group, as a linked recommendation or testimonial.

With their permission you can share these with others.

May 5, 2019
This is a SUPER POWERFUL tip that takes you from unresourceful to resourceful, and the technique helps you align your head and your heart quickly and easily.

When to use this technique?
Perhaps there is a forthcoming event that’s making you feel anxious or concerned about?

How do you use the technique?
Plant your feet firmly in the ground 
Hand on heart
Close your eyes
5 deep breaths in and out
- as you breathe out, let go of any and all negative stress or tension in your body
- as you breath in find yourself filling up with the resource you most need (positivity, clarity, certainty, focus, fun, etc etc)
Once you’ve completed your 5 breaths, visualise the event you have been anxious about, ONLY this time you visualise yourself 10 minutes AFTER the SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THE EVENT (Ie it went well!)
Enjoy that feeling, let it wash over your body
Give thanks in advance

Enjoy the rest of your day and be sure to apply this whenever you’re feeling this way!

If you are interested in the science behind it- check out ‘heart math’



Apr 1, 2019

To create a powerful and achievable goal there are 3 key elements: WHAT; WHY; HOW.

Today, we cover the ‘How’ and learn:
1. How to create the necessary actions
2. How to prioritise these
3. The power of 80/20 rule
4. Making it REAL by scheduling
5. A power tip to make sure you action what is on your schedule 

Mar 31, 2019

There are 3 parts to set a goal that will give you the maximum chance of manifesting the result you desire.

The three key parts are the WHAT, WHY, HOW.

In tip 28 you’ll hear about setting a clear ’WHY’!

The WHY is the emotional fuel!
If you do not have a compelling WHY you are not going to take action and progress.

When the going gets tough, you’ll want to check in on your WHY to keep you going.

Your WHY is strengthened if:
- you get emotionally connected
- there is a higher purpose
- you also know what you LOSE if you don’t achieve this goal.

Now you’re clear on WHAT, and WHY, check out tomorrow’s tip on HOW you can accomplish your number one goal!

Mar 28, 2019

Today we learn a powerful principle around goal setting that will help you set and achieve your most important goals.

You’ll learn how to reduce frustration caused by setting goals you don’t achieve

You’ll discover a methodology to make achieving your goals super easy

You’ll understand the little known ‘cat and ball of string’ theory of goal setting 

Mar 27, 2019

As your business grows, the work required grows, and there comes a point where you need to STOP doing certain tasks, or you become the bottleneck in the business growth potential.

Before you rush out and buy expensive staff and commit yourself to fixed costs - consider using the “DAD” methodology.

The DAD methodology will help you
- eliminate tasks 
- leverage technology
- help you find low cost and flexible resources to do the work for you 

Listen in to find out HOW you can do this!

Mar 27, 2019

Maslow suggested that everything we do as a human is to meet our own needs. 

My mentor and former colleague, Tony Robbins has popularised a version of this theory - calling it 6 Human Needs.

Today’s tip teaches you:
- what are the 6 human needs that drive all behavior 
- how you can use this to increase your happiness, progress, and clarity 
- how you can use this with your team and customers and loved ones!

Mar 8, 2019


Mar 7, 2019

Today we have the founder of #MinnasDream and creator of Caulizza Pizza (cauliflower pizza bases)

Minna shares a life Changing Business tip that at aged 26, has enabled her ‘start-up’ business to attract a dream team, investors and significant interest from national retailers.

Fall in love with your customer and meeting their needs: not your solution. 
When was the last time you asked your customer ‘what else do they need?’ Or ‘How can you serve them better?’

#MinnasDream #businesstips #businessgrowth #healthyfood#healthliving

Mar 6, 2019

Whatever you type into google, google finds for you. If you look for negativity, you’ll find it; if you look for positivity, you’ll find it.

Your brain is the same. What you ask of it, it delivers.

Therefore, it’s critically important to pick the right question to ask!

If you ask a doubtful question like:
‘Am I good enough?’
Or negatively framed:
‘Why does bad stuff always happen to me?’

Your brain will find the answer.

Instead, get clear on your outcome and ask a question that finds you supportive answers 

What skills do I have that will make this a success?
What are all of the good things that happen to me?

Change your habitual questions and notice how you feel differently and perform differently.

Mar 5, 2019

Your network is your net-worth - so get along to a networking meeting!

Where can you find a place to network?
- go where your target group is!
- organized groups eg BNI,
- find groups online eg

How to network:
- Smile & be open
- Be interested and learn - LISTEN!
- Introduce others with useful introductions
- Bring a friend and say complimentary things about each other
- Be a collector of cards
- Share, don’t sell
- Follow up afterward to build the relationship & send relevant articles/connections

Mar 5, 2019

Two key messages in this episode:
1. Nurture your network 
2. Take action to grow your profile and be known.

Listen in to learn the ‘222’ strategy that presidential advisor Sharon Lechter has used in her career to helping 10’s of millions of people 
Grow their financial literacy and wealth 


To hear how growing his profile made Kevin Harrington into an original shark on shark tank (for British people...that’s the US equivalent of Dragons Den!)

Actions from this episode:
- start using the 222 strategies!
- Explore - I’m what ways can you grow your profile and have more people know who you are and what you do.


Mar 1, 2019

The people who show up where you are, are likely to be your future clients!

Make conversation, learn about them and watch the magic happen!




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Feb 28, 2019

Connect with those who are already having the success you want... success leaves clues.

Think about how you can add value to them first. Make it a win/win arrangement.

I’ve often found that those having success are frequently those willing to give back and serve others; so don’t be afraid to make the request.

Today’s action - ask:
“What request haven’t I made yet, that if I did could transform my life beyond my wildest dreams?”


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Feb 27, 2019

 Knowing the right people has opened up the door to $1m+ in income in my life, mostly for opportunities that were never advertised; nor could I have found through marketing activity.

Knowing the right people led to me being able to:
- get citizenship to a new country (Australia)
- meet my wife
- To get paid to travel the world doing work I love with people I love.
A strength of the ‘weak ties’. 
Acquaintances are more influential than close friends!

What opportunities have you been in receipt of because of WHO you know?
What opportunities are you missing out on because of WHO YOU DON’T know yet?

Action today:
From the list of dream 50, you created yesterday, work out what connections you have in common. Who can introduce you?

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Feb 26, 2019

Are you counting or discounting your progress?

Progress = Happiness 

The chances are that if you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs you are not paying attention to your wins, and being too focused on the things you haven’t accomplished yet; and this is having a negative impact on how you feel and the progress you make.

Start counting your WINS today!

To hear more about this concept from Dr Priya who taught at Harvard Business School - listen to my interview with her here:



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Feb 26, 2019

It's not about WHAT you know, it is about WHO you know.

Action from today:
1. Dream 50 list - who are the 50 (people or organizations), that if they knew who you were, it would be life changing?

2. Make a commitment that you'll find a way to make sure they know WHO you are!

Over the next few days, we'll start discussing some ways we can make this happen



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